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HOT SWAP: All Hands On Deck is a two player cooperative arcade survival game where players must swap out and trade inputs on their controllers to survive the onslaught of approaching enemy ships. Each controller consists of two input slots and corresponds to one side of the ship, port or starboard. There are five actions in the game, each executed with a dedicated physical input: a crank to raise and lower the sails, a wheel for turning the rudder, a hatch for loading the cannons, a wick for firing the cannons, and a flame button for dousing the fire. Each input is a shared resource. Players must consider the physical space around them as they trade parts of their controllers to stay afloat for as long as possible.

Design Team:
Peter Gyory, Clement Zheng

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Winner alt.ctrl.GDC 2019 Innovation in Interaction Design, IndieCade 2019

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