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Clement is a designer, educator, and researcher.
His work spans computational design, digital fabrication, material exploration, and tangible interactions.

Selected Work

Printed Paper Markers
Investigating the unlikely intersection of computer vision with paper crafting and printing for making inexpensive and functional tangible interfaces.

Tangible Interfaces with Printed Paper Markers. DIS 2020 (Honorable Mention). PDF

Sensing Kirigami
Sensing Kirigami is a technique for crafting functional paper inputs. Carbon-coated paper is used for resistive sensing of folds and bends, while the laser cutter is used to etch and cut 3D circuits and kirigami patterns.

Sensing Kirigami. DIS 2019 (Best Pictorial). PDF

Mechamagnets is a technique for building functional and haptic physical inputs with FDM 3D printing, embedded magnets, and Hall effect sensing.

Mechamagnets: Designing and Fabrication Haptic and Functional Physical Inputs with Embedded Magnets. TEI 2019. PDF

Mechamagnets: Tactile Mechanisms with Embedded Magnets. TEI 2018. PDF

Joinery is a web application for defining and customizing material-specific joints for laser cut assemblies.

Joinery: Parametric Joint Generation for Laser Cut Assemblies. C&C 2017. PDF

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