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PhD Technology, Media, and Society
“Everyday Materials for Physical Interactive Systems”
Committee: Ellen Do (Advisor), Mark D Gross, Tamara Sumner, Laura Devendorf, Daniel Leithinger, Lining Yao
ATLAS Institute
University of Colorado at Boulder, 2020

MS Human-Computer Interaction
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016

BA Industrial Design
National University of Singapore, 2012
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Invited Presentations
2023 — “Drawing with Words: Uniting Design Thinking & Computational Thinking on Pen and Paper” Invited workshop at Design Education Summit, Singapore
2023 — “Unravelling the Magic: Empowering Designers with DIY Electronics in STEM” Invited speaker at Design Education Summit, Singapore
2023 — “Everyday Interactive Materials” Invited speaker at Future University Hakodate, Japan
2022  — “Physical Interaction Beyond Screen Boundaries” Invited speaker at OPPO-Hunan University research seminar
2013 — "3D Printing and Generative Design" Invited speaker for Inside 3D Printing Conference Singapore

Academic Service
2024 — ACM DIS 24 Pictorials Co-chair
2023 — ACM DIS 23 Demostrations Co-chair
2023 — ACM TEI 23 Pictorials Co-chair
Served as an AC for ACM CHI, DIS, TEI, C&C

2023 — Grand Prize, He Chao Zong Cup, International Ceramics Industry Award 第七届"何朝宗杯"陶瓷工业设计大赛 (Ceramic Circuits)
2023 — College Educator Award (CDE, National University of Singapore)
2020 — Honorable Mention Pictorial and Demo (Printed Paper Markers)
2019 — Innovation in Interaction Design, IndieCade 2019 (HOT SWAP)
2019 — Best Pictorial, ACM DIS 2019 (Sensing Kirigami)
2019 — Winner, alt.ctrl.GDC 2019 (HOT SWAP)
2014 — Grand Winner, Designers Category, Furniture Design Award (Torus Lamp)
2012 — First Prize - Purmundus 3D Printing Award (Sine Bowl and Fusilli)
2012 — Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal (Top graduating student in the program)

2023.09 — Ceramic Circuits, Playground of Possibilities, Singapore Design Week 2023 link
2019.06 — HOT SWAP, E3 IndieCade Selection 2019 link
2019.03 — HOT SWAP, alt.ctrl.GDC 2019 link
2017.10 — Light Orchard, UbiComp 2017 Installation link
2017.05 — Game of Light, CHI 2017 Installation, Denver Convention Center link
2014.03 — Word Out, Children's Season, National Museum of Singapore
2014.03 — Torus Lamp, Furniture Design Award Showcase, Singaplural, Singapore Design Week
2014.03 — Fusilli+Leap / Sine Bowl, Design Futures, Singapore Design Week
2014.01 — Dress Code / Fusilli+Leap / Sine Bowl, Sunday Showcase, ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands
2012.11 — Fusilli / Sine Bowl, Purmundus Booth, EuroMold

2023.04 — SCMP, The magic of multifunctional design, from a new Ikea furniture collection that pushes ‘the limits of small spaces’ to seats that encourage movement link
2023.03 — The Guardian, Design news: plates that talk to your table mats, Milan Salone and inspiring kids to build link
2023.03 — Dezeen, Clement Zheng's conductive ceramics can control sound and sense moisture link
2021.01 — Dezeen, R for Repair exhibition features toothy seashell and storytelling clock radio link
2016.07 — Popular Science July/August Issue, Become a Human Circuit Board link web
2015.09 — Page 334, Prestige Singapore September Issue, 40 under 40 link
2014.07 — Page 24, Intramuros July Issue, The Digital World of Clement Zheng link
2014.05 — Page 63, Home&Decor Magazine May Issue
2014.04 — Crafting a Digital Niche - The Business Times link
2013.09 — Creating New Dimensions - The Business Times link
2013.03 — GRID magazine link
2013.01 — Great Expectations - CATALOG magazine link

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