PhD Candidate
ATLAS Institute
University of Colorado, Boulder

MS Human-computer Interaction
Georgia Tech, 2016

BA Industrial Design
National University of Singapore, 2012

ATLAS Institute
University of Colorado, Boulder

Classes taught

School of Industrial Design
Georgia Institute of Technology

Classes taught
Freshman Graphic Communications
Interactive Product Design

Division of Industrial Design
National University of Singapore

Classes taught
Interaction Design Internships
Design Platform: Digital Wellness for Children
Design Platform: Digital Wellness
Design Platform: Skin and Bones
Design Platform: PLAY
Digital Design and Fabrication
Computer Aided Design
Design Fundamentals

Exhibitions Curated
2014.01 — Sunday Showcase at ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands
2013.06 — DID Show at National Library Singapore
2013.03 — PLAY at Singaplural 2013
Research and Presentations
Google Scholar Profile
2019 —  "Sensing Kirigami" DIS'19, San Diego (Best Pictorial) PDF
2019 — "Mechamagnets: Designing and Fabricating Haptic and Functional Physical Inputs with Embedded Magnets" TEI'19, Tempe, Arizona PDF
2018 — "Combining Practices in Craft and Design." DRS Vol. 4, Limerick
2018 — "Mechamagnets: Tactile Mechanisms with Embedded Magnets" TEI'18, Stockholm PDF
2017 — "Joinery: Parametric joint generation for laser cut assemblies" C&C'17, Singapore PDF
2017 — "Combining practices in craft and design" TEI'17, Yokohama
2015 — "Word out!: learning the alphabet through full body interactions" AH'15, Singapore
2015 — "Fusilli: Translating the exploration of a product customization space from digital to physical" TEI'15, Stanford
2013 — "3D to 2D to 3D" Demo at FabLearn 2013, Stanford
2013 — "3D Printing and Generative Design" Invited speaker for Inside 3D Printing Conference Singapore

2019 — Innovation in Interaction Design, IndieCade 2019 (HOT SWAP)
2019 — Best Pictorial, ACM DIS 2019 (Sensing Kirigami / Delicate Paper Interfaces)
2019 — Winner, alt.ctrl.GDC 2019 (HOT SWAP)
2014 — Grand Winner, Designers Category, Furniture Design Award (Torus Lamp)
2012 — First Prize - Purmundus 3D Printing Award (Sine Bowl and Fusilli)
2012 — Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal (Top graduating student in the program)

2019.6 — HOT SWAP, E3 IndieCade Selection 2019 link
2019.3 — HOT SWAP, alt.ctrl.GDC 2019 link
2017.10 — Light Orchard, UbiComp 2017 Installation link
2017.05 — Game of Light, CHI 2017 Installation, Denver Convention Center link
2014.03 — Word Out, Children's Season, National Museum of Singapore
2014.03 — Torus Lamp, Furniture Design Award Showcase, Singaplural, Singapore Design Week
2014.03 — Fusilli+Leap / Sine Bowl, Design Futures, Singapore Design Week
2014.01 — Dress Code / Fusilli+Leap / Sine Bowl, Sunday Showcase, ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands
2012.11 — Fusilli / Sine Bowl, Purmundus Booth, EuroMold

2016.07 — Popular Science July/August Issue, Become a Human Circuit Board link web
2015.09 — Page 334, Prestige Singapore September Issue, 40 under 40 link
2014.07 — Page 24, Intramuros July Issue, The Digital World of Clement Zheng link
2014.05 — Page 63, Home&Decor Magazine May Issue
2014.04 — Crafting a Digital Niche - The Business Times link
2013.09 — Creating New Dimensions - The Business Times link
2013.03 — GRID magazine link
2013.01 — Great Expectations - CATALOG magazine link

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