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Sunday Showcase

The Sunday Showcase is a monthly event held at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Sunday Showcase allows visitors unique access to cutting edge projects being undertaken by different tertiary institutions across the country. The January 2014 event showcased works from the Division of Industrial Design and Design Incubation Centre (DIC), surrounding the theme of Design for Innovation and Technology. The works were divided thematically into three spaces:

1. The entrance space, with a mini workshop for young visitors to design their own storytelling pop-up cards.

2. A warm, light-hearted space, showcasing projects centered around designing interactions for children.

3. An experimental space, showcasing projects around digital design and fabrication, including 3D Printing and Scanning.

Curatorial Lead: Clement Zheng
Curatorial Team: DIC
Set-up design: Clement Zheng and George Goh
Exhibition photography: George Goh and Efrim Bartosik

Space 1: Pop-up! Workshop
Designers: Mervy Quek, Angela Tay, Nicolette Tan

Space 2: Interaction design for children
Designers: Clement Zheng, Ivan Tan, Felicia Claire Paul, Kelly Yap, Christabel Goh, Carling Sia, Alfred Lim, Lim Kim, Ernica Ding

Space 3: Digital design and fabrication
Designers: Clement Zheng, d.Lab, Design Incubation Center, Vick Cai

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